Co-op dollars cut advertising cost

It’s hard to believe, but much of the $30 billion manufacturers set aside for co-op advertising goes unspent every year. Many advertisers who sell manufactured goods don’t even know there is such a thing as co-op.

You can get your piece of that money by featuring the manufacturer’s products in your ads. Usually the manufacturer splits the ad media cost with you 50/50, which gives you twice as much bang for every buck you invest. Each co-op program has its own ground rules, and some require  approval of your ad before it runs. Check out the rules carefully.

Many manufacturers provide quality ready-made ads for your use. Just add your own company information and you’re good to go.

So talk to your manufacturers or their distribs, and get in on this windfall. They’ll be glad to work with you. After all, it’s their products you’re promoting.

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