This is guerrilla marketing

Running a profitable business these days is no walk in the park. Credit is tight. Customers are wary. And you really have to hustle to make a sale. Yet many small businesses are not only surviving very nicely, thank you, but thriving. Sure, they’re likely to be businesses for which demand has not diminished significantly. But they’re also businesses that are especially smart and aggressive about their marketing, and who know how to make every marketing dollar pay off.

The marketing info in this blog is practical stuff that’s particularly important to small businesses. No ivory tower preaching from the business schools, but real-world guerrilla marketing ideas that have been proven in the jungle of today’s marketplace. Visit us often. What you discover here can make a difference in the profit picture of your small business.

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  1. Lacey Cook says:

    it is easy to get Business ideas, just look for a product or service that has demand and fill it,~~

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