Barter: trade what you have for what you need

When you’re short on cash, but have plenty of goods or services to sell, consider bartering for what your business needs. Lots of businesses do it, including some surprisingly big ones. Not only do you conserve your dollars, you may be able to get rid of excess inventory.

You can barter directly with another business, if you can find a barter-minded company that has what you want and needs what you have. That kind of deal can be tough to put together, though. You’ll probably have better luck with a barter exchange, a third party middleman. The exchange issues credits to you when you provide something to someone else in the group. Then you use the credits to buy from anyone else in the group, essentially completing a three way deal.

You can find many barter exchanges on the Internet. As always when doing business, investigate carefully before getting into any deals.

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