Super-quick call-backs make sales for you

When your customers can’t reach you on the phone, then don’t get a prompt call-back from you, they think you’re dealing with somebody you believe is more important then they are. That’s the beginning of deteriorating relationships. Yet it happens all the time.

On the other hand, if you get back to customers fast — say within an hour — they know you’re ready to knock yourself out to serve them, and that you really value their business.

Consider:  You’re a customer and you buy  from two competing sellers. One always gets back to you super-quick, and the other often waits till the next day, or even longer. Who would you be most likely to buy from?

With a cell phone in your pocket or briefcase, you can always arrange to stay in touch with the people who are most important to you — your customers. Don’t forget that customers on the other end of those phone calls have their own problems to solve, and you want to be the seller they can depend on when they need you.

Unfailingly fast response can put you ahead of competitors who are bigger than you are, and in many cases, who charge less. But when you drag your feet responding, customers get tired of waiting and give the business to somebody else.

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