How to get a sales appointment with the boss

This is the best approach I’ve ever heard of for getting a high level decision maker — or anyone, for that matter — to sit still for your sales presentation. It goes something like this:

“Ms. Boss, I’m Sam Jones at the Acme Printing Company. We recently set up a new packaging production system for the Standard Corporation that saves them over $90 thousand a year. I’d like to show you how we did it. May I come to your office to meet with you?”

In a few words, tell the prospect about what you accomplished for another company, then offer to show her how you you did it. That’s all there is to it.

Any boss worth her salt will respond to this approach:  A real story about a real company and a real success. Of course she’d like to have that kind of success for her company.

Maybe you won’t be able to reveal the name of the company in your sales story. Just say “…a company like yours…”

This might be the best sales tactic you learn this year.

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