“But wait!” Save something to use as a sale closer

We’ve all seen the direct marketing TV ads that end up with “But wait!” and then go on to pitch something that makes the offer even more attractive:  “Call now, and we’ll double your order at no additional charge,” “Order right now and we’ll include year’s supply of filters with your Handi-Vac…”

You can use the same strategy in your face-to-face sales pitch. Make a solid case for your product, and when your prospect sends signals that he/she is getting ready to buy, then reveal an added value or premium that makes your deal even more appealing:  “One more thing, when you buy this laser printer, we’ll include three cartridges — free. That’s a $250 value, at no cost to you.”

If your prospect had any reservations about buying, they’re gone now. The deal is even better than he thought.

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