Sales pitch: How to hold your prospect’s attention

You’ve seen it happen. You’re in the middle of your sales presentation and your prospect’s eyes begin to wander. She starts to fiddle with things on her desk. Do doubt about it, she’s lost interest.

You press on, hoping something in your pitch will pull her back in, but you know it’s unlikely. She’s already made up her mind:  She doesn’t want what you’re selling, and she’s impatiently waiting for you to finish.

Could you have saved the situation? Very possibly. By involving her early on, making your presentation into a two-way communication, rather than a monolog from you — by asking her questions to draw her into the presentation.

“We have next morning delivery when we get your phone order by 2:30. Do you get a lot of rush orders from your customers? Would our quick delivery help you manage them?”

“How much would our bulk order pricing have saved you last year?”

“What kind of color printing do you specialize in?”

Not only do you  involve your prospect, and keep her attention from straying when you ask questions. Her answers reveal what concern her most, so you can relate your product to them.

Keep asking questions. It’s an effective way to keep your prospect’s mind focused on you and what you’re selling.

Don’t you agree?

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