Online advertising: Don’t bet it all on one player

There’s no question that the Internet can be a key element in your marketing plans. If you don’t have a website yet, you’re still in the stone age, and falling further behind every year. There are many advertising opportunities for you, too. Google is by far the biggest player in this game, and sells you ads that will help drive all-important traffic to your site.

You should be warned, however, not to make Google’s Adwords program so important in your marketing that your business will take a serious hit if Google suddenly refuses your advertising.

It happens all the time. If Google decides, without ever consulting you, that your advertising campaign is somehow in conflict with its complex tangle of policies, then you’re OUT. Not just for now, but for FOREVER. They’ll never accept your ads again, to the end of time. There’s no appeal.

Tough, huh?

And if you think you’re smart enough to play the game without crossing Google’s policy line, you could be right, but you could be quite wrong. Many advertisers with the best of intentions have found their businesses “slapped” by Google.

Google is a powerful ad medium, and, used correctly, it can help you make sales. But be careful. Don’t bet the farm on one player.

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