New business strategy: be an expert

Back in the Stone Age, when businesses first discovered computing, and computers were the size of refrigerators, software was suddenly a hot item. Not only was good software scarce, ad and promotion agencies that understood computer systems well enough to create advertising and brochures and such were scarce, too.

An old friend of mine, a partner in a software start-up, suspecting that my new ad agency was smart enough to create a campaign for his company, gave us the assignment. We learned the business in a hurry and and put together a quality campaign — one of the first major software efforts.

Faster than I could ever have hoped for, we started getting calls from software companies around the country. We had an instant reputation as the go-to guys for software advertising and promotion. Almost overnight, we had as much software business as we could accept without getting into conflict of interest issues.

Why? We were software experts.

I learned that you only have to do a job once, and do do it well, to be seen as an expert in that field. And if a market chooses to think of you as an expert, then you are an expert. And don’t let ’em forget it.

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    Thank you

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