Yellow Pages: Which ones should you buy?

Two facts of life about the Yellow Pages:  First, for many kinds of businesses, Yellow Pages are effective marketing tools, and for some, virtually indispensable. And second, Yellow Page advertising can be quite expensive, especially in areas that are served by more than one phone directory.

Should you advertise in the Yellow Pages? Which ones? Your answer has to do with what you’re selling, and where your business comes from. Yellow Pages ads work far more effectively for some kinds of businesses than for others. Check and see if your competitors are in the Yellow Pages.

If yours is an independent store, most of your business probably comes from no more than a half mile away. A chain store — one mile. A store in a shopping mall — as far as five miles. Try to match your advertising with directories that have the appropriate distribution.

Don’t keep advertising in the same Yellow pages blindly year after year unless you can be reasonably certain it’s bringing in customers. Ask every new customer how she found your business.

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