Strong design is important

It’s the layout of your ad for newspapers and magazines that draws attention to your message, puts the elements of your advertisement in logical order so it’s clear to readers, and communicates a sense of style.

Unless you’re an experienced graphic designer, you probably shouldn’t use your own designs. Here are some ways you can get your ad designed:

Find an advertisement with a good design that will work for your message, and simply lay out your advertisement using the same design, but with your own content.

Some print publications will provide limited design services to their advertisers, at little or no cost. It probably won’t be top quality, but an ad layout provided by a newspaper or magazine art department can get the job done. But don’t let the publication write the ad for you. If you do, your ad will be just like many others in the publication.

If you’re located in the vicinity of a school that teaches graphic arts, you may be able to find a talented student who will do the job for you at a good price.

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