TV is a costly medium

Broadcast television is the best advertising medium there is. It can sing and dance, all in living color, and get big audiences to watch. The Ford Motor Company uses it. General Foods uses. Geico uses it.

But television advertising is not for small budgets. Ad time is costly, and you shouldn’t try to play in the TV game unless you have a substantial war chest. It can take time for a TV ad campaign to catch on, and you have to have the wherewithal to keep going until it does.

Local cable is a better bet for you.

Some experts advise using television only when you can pay for 150 gross rating points a month, for a minimum of 3 months. A gross rating point (GRP) is 1 percent of the TV households in the local marketing area. If a program reaches 50 thousand TV homes in a market with a million TV homes, it delivers 5 GRPs. GRPs cost more in big markets, less in small markets. In any case, TV takes lots of money and lots of faith.

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