Ask questions to keep your sales prospect involved

It’s important to keep your prospect thinking about your product in terms of his or her own situation. Often the prospect will ask questions about how the product relates to his specific needs. These questions should be encouraged. They’re valuable opportunities to talk about the benefits which are most meaningful to him.

But if the prospect sits quietly and says nothing, it’s a good idea to ask questions which force him to take an active role in your presentation: “This automatic timer will save about 5 minutes per hour per machine. How many machines do you have, Mr. Johnson?”

“We have 20 machines,” he says.

“Well, then, we could save you a total of an hour and 40 minutes of machine time in your plant every hour—or nearly 12 hours of machine time on every seven-hour shift. That’s just about like having the extra productivity of 2 additional machines, isn’t it?”

“Let’s see,” he says, “I guess it is.”

Your questions keep your prospect alert and involved.

Questions should also be used as “trial closes.” As you make key sales points tactfully ask your client if he agrees with them. His responses will tell you if he’s getting ready to buy, or if you have to go back and review product benefits until he’s convinced.

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