Success: destination or journey?

It’s not unusual for a small business entrepreneur to settle into a nice, warm, comfortable rut after a few years. He’s been through the tough start-up period, and now it’s clear that his business really does sustain itself. Unless something drastic happens, he can continue his business just as it is now, happy with what he does, and making a nice living. It’s what he considers success to be, and what he wanted from the beginning. Why consider growing the business, taking it to the next level? It’ll just be more work, and more risk.

That’s fine. Who are we to set objectives for others?

But what he’ll never know is the process of making the business bigger, the fun and challenges of becoming a major player in his chosen field, breaking out of his routine, seeking out the right people to help him grow, and ultimately earning the stature — and the money — of a big-time guy.

The entrepreneur who has his eye on the big time has broad horizons. He may not reach all his objectives, but his success comes from the big-league ambitions that keep him growing.

The guy who’s satisfied playing in the minor leagues is not going to emerge as a mover and shaker. It’s something he hasn’t set his heart on.

That’s perfectly all right.

But at some point you’ll have to decide:  what does success mean to you?

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