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Business start-up: 10 vital things to do

Shelves of volumes have been written about business start-ups. But here are ten things to do that underscore the areas that are among the most important. **************************** 1) Make a business plan. If you seek financing from a bank or … Continue reading

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Boy, have you got the wrong number: Adventures in telemarketing

Perhaps, as a marketing professional, I shouldn’t make biased judgments about a marketing method other professionals accept as legitimate. But telemarketing is a special case. A bothersome, exasperating, irritating, maddening special case. Every other advertising and promotion delivery system can … Continue reading

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Competing for new business? Don’t take “no” for a (final) answer

When a prospective customer chooses one of your competitors rather than you, don’t just accept that you lost. Customers often come to regret their choices. The supplier that looked best to the customer can turn out to be a big … Continue reading

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