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One big ad or lots of small ones?

It’s an issue that small business advertisers face all the time. Should they spend their ad budget of $1000 for a full page in the local paper, or should they insert a small ad 10 times, for $100 each? While … Continue reading

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New business strategy: be an expert

Back in the Stone Age, when businesses first discovered computing, and computers were the size of refrigerators, software was suddenly a hot item. Not only was good software scarce, ad and promotion agencies that understood computer systems well enough to … Continue reading

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Boy, have you got the wrong number: Adventures in telemarketing

Perhaps, as a marketing professional, I shouldn’t make biased judgments about a marketing method other professionals accept as legitimate. But telemarketing is a special case. A bothersome, exasperating, irritating, maddening special case. Every other advertising and promotion delivery system can … Continue reading

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