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Direct mail: consider the humble postcard

Most direct mail packages involve a mailing envelope, with a brochure, sales letter, and other inserts — plus associated design, printing, folding, stuffing, and postage costs.  For many marketers, the total cost is prohibitive. If you have a short, easily … Continue reading

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Your direct marketing sure thing

P.S. is the part of your sales letter that gets read — virtually every time. Even if your readers just skim over the rest of your sales letter. That’s why I always put a P.S. at the end of letters. … Continue reading

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Mass mailings: use stamps

First they have to open the envelope, or your effort and expense are for nothing. Test mailings have shown that envelopes with stamps are more likely to be opened than envelopes with metered postage. Envelopes with printed postage (indicias) rank … Continue reading

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