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Tough question: What business are you in?

During the 18 years I managed my advertising agency, I had many occasions to ask new clients what they expected advertising to accomplish for them. Inevitably, this led to a discussion of the company’s line of business. Just what business … Continue reading

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Take good care of your best customers

The often-referred-to “20/80 rule” is especially important when you’re reviewing your customer list. If your business is like most others, 20 percent of your customers account for 80 percent of your business. And it’s likely that the 20 percent who … Continue reading

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Marketing today: Are you stuck in the middle?

If you don’t have a strategy for competing in your market, you could end up fighting a losing battle. There are basically two ways you can go: You can compete by selling at low price. To be successful. you must … Continue reading

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