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New business strategy: be an expert

Back in the Stone Age, when businesses first discovered computing, and computers were the size of refrigerators, software was suddenly a hot item. Not only was good software scarce, ad and promotion agencies that understood computer systems well enough to … Continue reading

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Creative destruction: the cost of progress

“Creative destruction” means that new technologies render existing products obsolete. If you don’t engage in creative destruction, your competitors will, ultimately shrinking or destroying the markets for your existing products. Creative destruction comes at a cost. Sometimes your workers can’t … Continue reading

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Boy, have you got the wrong number: Adventures in telemarketing

Perhaps, as a marketing professional, I shouldn’t make biased judgments about a marketing method other professionals accept as legitimate. But telemarketing is a special case. A bothersome, exasperating, irritating, maddening special case. Every other advertising and promotion delivery system can … Continue reading

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