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Competing for new business? Don’t take “no” for a (final) answer

When a prospective customer chooses one of your competitors rather than you, don’t just accept that you lost. Customers often come to regret their choices. The supplier that looked best to the customer can turn out to be a big … Continue reading

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Take good care of your best customers

The often-referred-to “20/80 rule” is especially important when you’re reviewing your customer list. If your business is like most others, 20 percent of your customers account for 80 percent of your business. And it’s likely that the 20 percent who … Continue reading

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How to get a sales appointment with the boss

This is the best approach I’ve ever heard of for getting a high level decision maker — or anyone, for that matter — to sit still for your sales presentation. It goes something like this: “Ms. Boss, I’m Sam Jones … Continue reading

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