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Business cards: Don’t just give ’em out — collect ’em

In a post here a while back, I focused on the marketing power of business cards. The card you hand out today can end up in someone’s Rolodex, and make new business for you months or even years from now. … Continue reading

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New business strategy: be an expert

Back in the Stone Age, when businesses first discovered computing, and computers were the size of refrigerators, software was suddenly a hot item. Not only was good software scarce, ad and promotion agencies that understood computer systems well enough to … Continue reading

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Take good care of your best customers

The often-referred-to “20/80 rule” is especially important when you’re reviewing your customer list. If your business is like most others, 20 percent of your customers account for 80 percent of your business. And it’s likely that the 20 percent who … Continue reading

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